Chemical Peels


What is a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels have been used for decades in medical cosmetology which is one of the reasons why we love them so much! Dermatologists actually pioneered skin peeling for therapeutic benefit beginning way back in 1882.

Today we can synergize the knowledge of 100 years to produce highly effective and safe peeling by blending agents for maximum facial rejuvenation!

Chemical peels, or facial peels, are an accelerated form of exfoliation, that is induced by selective combinations of chemical agents which are applied to the skin to safely remove the damaged outer layers of the skin.


6 benefits of Chemical Peels

1. You’ll be able to correct sun damage. Did you know that one of the biggest culprits of premature aging is exposure to UV rays? Luckily, chemical peels can help repair and reverse the signs of sun damage on your face, neck, and hands. It is imperative to wear sunscreen on a daily basis to maintain the results of your treatment.

2. They can help improve acne. During a chemical peel treatment, your skin will be exfoliated. Done in a series of treatments, these peels can improve mild to moderately severe cases of acne, giving you the clear complexion you’ve always wanted.

3. They can improve the appearance of scars. Moderate chemical peels can treat both surface acne and some light scarring. To improve the appearance of significant scars, a deeper peel or alternative treatment may be required. We'll help determine which option is right for you.

4. They can address pigment issues. This skin treatment is a great way of correcting pigmentation issues such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, and age spots. It can be effective for pigmentation on your face, hands, neck, and chest.

5. You’ll enjoy the improved skin tone and texture. Besides addressing your skin concerns, a chemical peel will also stimulate the growth of fresh, new skin. This will improve the overall appearance and texture of your skin, giving you a beautiful, radiant glow.

6. You’ll be maximizing the potential of your skincare products. By removing the top layer of dead skin cells, chemical peel treatments will allow your skin care products to be absorbed more deeply so that they can work with the maximum effect.


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A special chemical solution is applied to the skin, for a specified amount of time to initiate the removal of the outermost layer of skin or deeper skin layers. The time the solution is left on the skin varies between 2-15 minutes, depending on the type of peel, peel treatment number, and the skins’ response to the solution.

What are the contraindications?

Peels are not recommended for people with very sensitive skin, active cold sores, undiagnosed lesions, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or lupus.

What areas can be treated?

Peels can be applied to the entire face or individual areas that require treatment, such as sun damage or to control acne. Other areas that can be treated are the neck, décolleté (chest), back, arms and legs.

How many peels do I need?

This is a variable and depends on your skin condition and skin type. All peels are customized to each individual.

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